We provide training for kids, consulting for parents and schools on Early Kids Positive Mindset, Creative Thinking; Art, Tech skills and Talent Development; Early Entrepreneurship training and Provide Inclusive Educational Support for kids with abnormality.

Early Mindset and Creative Thinking
Art, Tech, Skills and Talent Development 
Kids Inclusive Educational Support
 Kids Entrepreneur Education 

Our Story

RUFTANA is a new way of cultivating  kids, consulting parents and other bodies who care about kids and kids future including kindergartens and elementary schools. Formerly Conscious Kids Circle, RUFTANA is founded in 2018 as an Festival Event for Kids and youth in Art and Literature.

September 2018                           

Conscious Kids Circle

A community based art, literature and creativity competition program started as biannual event in 2018.

Summer 2019                          

Conscious Kids Circle and Conscious Youth Circle 

An independent program in organizing creative competition in national Art, Literature, Technology and providing related educational support.

Summer 2020

RUFTANA - Smart Kids Campus

After two years of continuous programs, testing the event based activities for kids and youth, RUFTANA was launched as a virtual platform for educating and training kids and consulting parents and schools on modern mindset, skills and talent education empowered by Technology.  .


 Salina Imam is CEO and Co-founder of RUFTANA - Smart Kids Campus. Salina is a young Eritrean Psychologist, Teacher, Author, Creative Artist, Painter and Ceramics Expert. Miriam Hassan who works a Chief Educational Psychologist at RUFTANA  is also a lecturer at Asmara College of Education, Eritrea. Saliem Berhane is also a Psychology graduate and has worked as secondary school teacher and counselor for students and teacher in a number of public and private schools. The team in collaboration with a number technical and business advisors are extensively working in taking the RUFTANA educational philosophy into a higher level, where they integrate concepts of Educational Psychology, Creative Art, Crafts and Literature, Mind-power and Skills and Talent Development along with a number of Technology Empowered Education and Assessment tools.     

Salina Imam

Salina Imam

CEO and Co-founder

Miriam Hassan 

COO and Co-founder 

Thomas Long

CFO and Co-founder 

Our Partners and Advisors 

RUFTANA - Smart Kids Campus is partnering with a number of Small Businesses, Community Based Organizations, Public and Private Enterprises.


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About Us

RUFTANA - Smart Kids Campus is a thin layer of positive impact on the top of the society work works on Kids education and development.

We organize training programs, people network, engaging events, seminars, and workshops to elevate our kids mindset, skills and talent.


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